Edwards, a leading innovator in vacuum pump technology. Edwards is a technology leader in the manufacture of vacuum pumps, gauging and systems with products specifically designed to meet the evolving challenges of new techniques and more cost effective instruments.


APT GmbH is involved in world-wide co-operation with research organisations and universities for the development and economic utilization of innovative surface modification technologies of different materials. APT GmBH supports and provide customers with advantages in global competition as competent partners in application and introduction of new surface technologies.

T&C Power Conversion

T&C Power Conversion, an RF services and engineering company that specializes in a range of RF products. Products include High and Low Frequency RF Power Generators and Amplifiers, RF Matching Networks and Transformers, Complete RF Delivery Systems at 13.56 MHz, and RF Switchboxes


Qualiflow is an innovative supplier specialized in fluid flow control. The company develops, manufactures and markets components and systems for thin film deposition: such as mass flow controllers, liquid flow controllers, valves, RTP and vaporization systems.

ColdEdge Technologies

ColdEdge Technologies provides custom <4K to 1000K closed cycle cryostats with interfaces. ColdEdge Technologies provides GM & Pulse Tube technologies from SHI Cryogenics of America, Displex®, CTI Cryodyne, CryoMech and other popular closed cycle coolers.


SEMCO Engineering Inc. is a global manufacturer of production and lab equipment for the semiconductor and Solar industries. SEMCO has extensive process experience in Wet and Dry Oxidation, Annealing, LPCVD Silicon Nitride, LPCVD Poly Silicon and LPCVD TEOS applications as well as their proprietary LYDOP POCL3 and Boron Diffusion and LYTOX Oxidation process. SEMCO can provide your FAB with technical consultation to improve your existing equipment with proven turn-key solutions.